Keyboard Action Features

Keyboard Action is a incredibly powerful productivity plugin that will impact your entire WordPress workflow. Here are the features you can use to change the way you work with WordPress.

Plugin Management

Install plugins

Install new plugins from WordPress.org. Including the ability to immediately activate the plugin

Activate / Deactivate plugins

Instantly (de-)activate plugins from anywhere.

Theme management

Install Themes

Install and activate your favourite theme(s) from WordPress.org

Switch themes

Effortlessly switch between the installed themes

Adding new things

Add posts

Add a new post, page or custom post type from anywhere. Includes context awareness

Add user, theme, plugin

Shortcuts to the add user, theme, plugin pages

Posts, pages and custom post types

View posts

View posts, pages and custom post types very quickly. Includes real-time suggestions and context awareness

Edit posts

Navigate to the edit area for any post, page and custom post type. Also including real-time suggestions and context awareness


Update posts

Publish, Save, Draft, Trash or set posts to Pending.
Also works from the front-end!

Save settings pages

Save settings pages, without having to scroll down the page

Navigate Your Site


Navigate to/through the front of your site. Quickly search and view any page, post or custom post type


Navigate to/through the admin including any admin menu and sub-menu pages

WooCommerce integration

Add Any Product to the Cart

Add any product to the cart from anywhere on the site

Clear cart

Empty your cart completely

Navigate to tabs / sections

Without having to click 4 times to get to the right settings

Info cards COMING SOON

Show a info card about products to get data that would only be available from the admin otherwise

User Switching integration COMING SOON

Impersonate users

Switch between user accounts to impersonate users
Requires the User Switching plugin

Switch back

When done you want a easy way to switch back too of course