Keyboard Action Lite

Alongside the Pro version of Keyboard Action, there's also a free Lite version available. This site is mostly dedicated to the Pro version of Keyboard Action, but some of the documentation also applies for the Lite version.

The difference

There are some important differences between the two versions. The Lite version is a very useful tool, but of course does not have all the features of the pro version. People who've purchased the Pro version also receive personal email support, while Lite users must use the support forums to receive support.

Difference in features

In easy terms the Lite version of the plugin allows you to navigate quickly through your site. This means that actions like Navigate Admin and Navigate Front are available, but also New Post, View Post and Edit Post.

Some of the high profile actions that are not available in the Lite version are Plugin and Theme management actions (install, activate and deactivate), Post management (save, publish, draft, trash) and there are (and will come) many other actions.

The Lite version also doesn't have any of the integration actions with other plugins such as Duplicate Post, Switch User and WooCommerce integration.

This makes the Lite version still very handy for bloggers for example, and the Pro version extremely useful for website builders and power users.

Getting Keyboard Action Lite

The Keyboard Action Lite plugin is currently not yet available, but when released it will be hosted on the repository. Want to be kept in the loop about it? Sign-up below for updates over email, or follow Keyboard Action on Twitter.

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