Revolutionizing the Way You Work With WordPress

I'm very pleased to announce the official release of this new plugin called Keyboard Action. This is a brand new plugin that allows you to manage and control your WordPress website on a whole new level. For me it completely changed the way I'm working with WordPress, in the best way possible.

It can be very tricky to exactly explain with words what Keyboard Action is and what it does. I've thought many times about how to best phrase what Keyboard Action is, including asking others to explain it to me how they would describe it. This is the phrasing that from it;

Keyboard Action is a command field within WordPress where you can search & execute actions, giving real-time suggestions while you type. Skyrocketing your productivity.

Hopefully that will give you some idea of what Keyboard Action is and what it can do. A 1 minute video is the best way to show what Keyboard Action is capable of.

This will likely connect the dots immediately for you and show how powerful Keyboard Action can be.

Why Keyboard Action exist and what it excells at is more easy to tell..

Keyboard Action is the most powerful productivity plugin that puts WordPress development and management at your finger tips and on the keyboard.

Limited Time Special

To celebrate the release of Keyboard Action a limited time discount is available. Use the coupon EARLY-ADOPTER at the checkout to receive 25% discount on Yearly and Lifetime licenses! This offer ends Friday March 16th, so be quick!

Other People's Thoughts

When first showing the early version of to people and speaking to them for feedback many connected it to existing desktop applications and their first response were in lines of:

Alfred for WordPress

WP-CLI inside the WordPress dashboard

LaunchBar for WordPress

They're all valid comparisons and help understand what Keyboard Action is (note that there absolutely no affiliation between any of the applications and Keyboard Action).

Do you have a good way to describe what Keyboard Action does? Please let me know in a email or comment below!

Features of Keyboard Action

The first version of Keyboard Action launching today already has a ton of amazing features included. I won't start listing each and every one of them right here, but I will include a quick summary of the most powerful ones.

Post management is a important part of the features. This will be especially useful for the authors of a website. You can easily create a new (custom) post type, save/publish the post or update the post status to pending, draft or trash it.

A even more powerful feature it the ability to search for and navigate to the view/edit page of any (public) post type with the blazing fast live search functionality that can be used on any page on the site.

Plugin management is one of personal favorites. As a plugin developer I constantly want to activate and deactivate plugins on my development site during support/development. You can also easily install any plugin from the repository.

Site navigation is also a beast of a feature. You can navigate to any admin page from anywhere. No more having to click on the admin link > hover over a menu (wait a bit) > click on a submenu to go to the page you want.

Advanced actions like revision deletion, transient clearing, user switching (integration), WooCommerce (integration) are also part of the current features.

There are a lot of Actions (28! at this time) available at launch, all of which you can read more about in the documentation.

Features to Come

I'm also very excited for the future as there's a lot more to come and there are some very cool ideas to be implemented. Cache purging, triggering Cron events, duplicating posts, clearing orphaned data and flushing rewrite rules are currently features that are considered to be added.

If you have any suggestion, share them in the comments below or get in touch through!


Developers are notorious for doing a lot with the keyboard, making Keyboard Action the perfect tool for them to use.

Of course I haven't forgotten about the use-case of adding custom actions, all the hooks, filters, documentation and examples are available for developers to add custom actions to Keyboard Action.

Free Version

There will also be a free version released of Keyboard Action in the future. This will be a lighter version of the Pro version that is available on this site, but will still hold very usable features for those who are using it.

You can read more about the free version and the differences on the Keyboard Action Lite page.

A Special Thank You to All The Early Testers

While developing the plugin and running the first versions I've spoken to a lot of people to get their feedback. A lot of those were power-users who know WordPress through and through. This helped me build a better, more feature rich and intuitive  version of Keyboard Action. For that I'd like to thank each and every one of them.

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